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A little wax goes a long way

It all comes flooding back to me, why home waxing kits are a HUGE-note to self-not to do.  My original note to self moment, was-oh eight years ago, when I removed one of my eyebrows.  I looked AwEsOmE!  All I said was, "oh no, oh no" and came running out into the living room.  My husband looked at me and said, "w-h-a-t did you do?" really slow and with huge eyes as he looked at my bald patch above my eye.  I left a little tuft of hair towards the center of my noggin, but not much.  I had to draw it in for months with an eyeliner pencil.  But thankfully it grew back-whew!

I don't know what came over me when I went to the beauty supply store to get a new curling iron.  Walked out with microwavable wax and no curling iron...hum?!  Definitely a gap in the connective synapses. It took me about two months to try it-somewhere in my subconscious I must have known this was a bad idea or it was holding on to suppressed memories of the last time. 

Obviously this is not how a professional applies it, but it worked.  The box said to leave enough to grab ahold of and pull in a 45 degree angle the opposite direction.  I darn near had a handle crafted on this bad boy, and I could rip with vigor.  Enough vigor to remove the top layer of skin, maybe even the second, and have a little war wound present itself.  Good thing is, I have both eye brows and the redness went away after a day or three.  So a little wax went a long way and did it's job with minimal long term affects.   I will pass this extra tid-bit of advice along which is somewhat related.  I'd encourage you to never play beach volleyball right after waxing your eyebrows.  On the off chance you fall into the sand face first, as a result of your super beach volleyball skills, the sand will stick, like a fly to fly paper (or something else), to your ever so soft and supple freshly waxed eye brows.  From my illustrious first hand experience, it is a super model look...let me just tell ya.

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