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Over the New Year we learned how to play Bunko or (Bunco).  What a fun game!  And an easy game to catch onto.  I often hear my mom, say she's going to her Bunko night.  I let it roll over my brain because I automatically thought it was a concetrating game of card 'something' or other.  But it wasn't.  Our children even wanted to learn, of course minus the betting aspect and alcohol that are often involved.  But I found it is a great way for them to hone in on math skills for all their ages, too.  I'm not a card player, besides Go-Fish.  I am even a tragic UNO player.  I always have to reread the instructions, which is just fine.  But Poker, Bridge or Rook are just out of my league, and honestly-my interest. I like word and action type games-Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Guesstures and some Trivial Pursuits. 

My nine year old and I started playing, I'm sure we adapted the 'true' rules for this.  But it gave us a little one-on one-time doing something new,  and sneaking in-again-some math.  Here's a link to a You-Tube  (sorry about the ads) video on how to play.

Your turn to roll...

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