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For the Love of Burgers-Freezer Meal Friday

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Just in time for Valentine's day, this is a super, quick and easy recipe for a Friday freezer meal. We have a house full of burger-loving kids, so this never disappoints, and it shares a little love with every bite. I pre-make and freeze hamburger patties, a lot, in the summer. It's nice to have a batch ready to go for the grill or to take camping. Often, I add and mix grated cheese or bacon bits into the ground meat, as well as various ingredients like onion soup, barbecue sauce, or powdered ranch dressing mix, just to mix up the flavoring for a different burger meal. The same with this recipe, just add your personal touch, freeze and grill a little love on Valentine's day.

Ingredients 2 lbs of ground meat (beef, elk, deer, turkey)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp Montreal seasoning

1 tsp liquid smoke

Mix all ingredients together. Combine and pat in to heart shaped patties, or use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make it a little easier. Place the patties in a gallon sized Ziplock bag, and layer the stacks with wax paper in-between. Label the bag and freeze. Safely thaw and grill, pan fry, bake or broil for the special day. Serve with heart shaped buns (cut with a cookie cutter) and all your favorite burger fixings.

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