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Happy Book Birthday-The Big Sky Bounty Cookbook turns O-N-E!

One year, thousands of miles, dozens of events and with a journey to remember, I humbly celebrate this exciting day! Chef Barrie and I worked together for years on the creation of our cookbook published by Arcadia Publishing and The History Press, and last year, July 9th it was OFFICIALLY released! I can't be more sincerely grateful to Barrie for her talents, expertise and gift of sharing her treasured recipes, as well as so many family, friends, communities, and supporters from Atlantic to Pacific who have joined in our journey. Adding the additional Montana history is a special thanks to our Editor, Artie Crisp, and was an even deeper layer to the cookbook which gave me so much joy as I truly enjoyed researching, reading and learning more about Montana's history, heritage and legacies. I've learned more, met amazing new friends, and trekked through three states and have loved every second of the adventure! Thank you to everyone who has shared with us, and especially today as we celebrate one hugely successful year!

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