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'Hen'rietta's Tips for your Feathered Friends

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

We've had a revolving flock of feathered friends on our farm for as long as I can remember, and nothing's better than farm fresh eggs. We even had my most favorite duck sit on a clutch of eggs and hatched five of the cutest spring chicks we would never have imagined to have or have happened. Some of the things I've learned the hard way, as well. From peeking at each other until there's next to nothing on their tail but bleeding skin with a sprig of a tail feather remaining or falling off their little perch to their demise for no known reason, we've been there. With many resources out there, I wanted to share a couple that recently helped us troubleshoot an issue with a hen, as well as a couple quick tips I've learned to keep our 'Hen'rietta's flitting happily around our farm. By the way, 'Hen'rietta in the photo was a part of our flock family for almost eight years. She was a very happy, and sassy, hen that was a fantastic layer. Beyond my knowledge of what I've done of the farm in care, maintenance and critical moments, these resource glean proactive insight for those real moments that quickly happen when caring for your feathered friends. These links are not endorsed, just links I found extremely helpful as I've assessed how to give our chickens the best I possibly can. Thanks for reading! Quick tips

  • Incorporate poultry electrolytes and probiotics into their water, about once a week. They come in packs at any farm supply store.

  • Keep water fresh and abundant

  • Even free range chickens need a consistent feed like laying pellets or scratch

  • If shells become soft, add oyster shells as a dietary supplement

  • Assess if they have mites or lice

  • Keep coop clean...chicken poop slides are great

  • Share a head of lettuce or cabbage for them to peck at and kick around. They like toys, and they'll play ball

  • Flock blocks are useful for adding extra supplemental grains and nutrients

  • Keep a chicken bucket from your home's meal scraps...veggies, fruits, nuts, cereals and breads

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