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Substitute, say what?

Eggs, eggs, you really need them all the time? In our upcoming cookbook, on one of the very last pages-page 178 to be exact, the thought jumped to my mind upon one of our last book edits to add a couple substitution alternatives. One in-particular is an egg substitute. There are many alternatives for egg substitutes, as shown in the image, but this one has really worked for me in baking. I love to use it for sugar cookies! They turn out great every time, and I always have someone ask how did I make them so moist and still stick to their cut out secret's this egg substitute. Because, honestly, without using this conversion for those cookies I have created some amazingly cute cookies I could literally use as tile, skeet or even the unfortunate frisbee.

Living rurally, as much as I try to keep everything stocked, there are those times I'm just minus one little old egg, and this has saved my bacon. This is also a great substitute for folks with allergies, and I originally got it from a friend who's children had severe food allergies. But it also came to my attention as I was talking to another friend about her elimination diet-no wheat, dairy, soy or eggs, that this alternative is also a wonderful recipe to have on hand for anyone working through some dietary restraints. Anyone can still enjoy those added benefits eggs give to baking with this, less the actual egg. As much I as I love my hens and our farm fresh eggs, this is a conversion I have used time and time again.

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