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Being creative in your Community

I was reading Kind Soup to our daughter, and it hit me about the realities of just how important need of a sense of community care is needed even more so right now. Kind Soup is centered on the scripture of Fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23, but it also shares an idea to pay these virtues forward throughout our communities. In simple ways sharing the goodness that has been poured into you by the good Lord, can make huge impacts for those surrounding you. We love to cook and bake in our home, and making Kind Soup is one way we can make a meal with all the joy-filled ingredients it mixes together. In this time, of social distancing, for a while we felt extremely confined, as many people have, even though we have land for kids, and ourselves, to ride bikes, sled and ride horses or cows, and in these extreme moments I really recognized how much my family was missing 'doing something to help'. While there's a zillion things to do on our small farm, their hearts wanted to give forward. So we began bake breads and make some jarred gifts to share. Some were hot chocolates and other coffee mixes, but we also decided to jar some of the dry ingredients we could purchase from our local 'essential' grocery store, and place these together in a gift jarred version of Kind Soup. This has been a gift to share, and has gotten us out of the house, following social distancing guidelines, to pass forward to those the good Lord places on our hearts. This web-site was a great start for some of our creative ideas to share with our community, and truly, if someone is placed on your heart, it doesn't have to be a big production. Maybe give them a call to say hi, or send a letter, simple ways to share you care are often the biggest gifts and blessings.

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