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Sharing Connections

This image gives me joy! A mama and her ducklings:)! I love spring when many 'littles' of our blessed world are among us. This image also makes me think, 'we're all little ducks floating and growing together in the big pond' of the publishing world. With this, I can't help but reflect on the wonderful connections I've made over the years and also mostly recently, that have been true blessings for my writing and publishing. I wanted to share a few that I recently can't get enough of their information, fast enough, because my mind and writing heart is hungering for every writing morsel I can take in. One connection, especially, was pivotal for me a couple years ago...thanks to a dear, dear friend.

Serious Writers, Grammar Girl and Book Bub....if you're interested in writing, I'd encourage you to jump on these sites. Serious Writers has great on-line, very applicable, workshops. They are reasonably priced, aligning with information on current publishing trends and need to knows, and very positive, uplifting messages of encouragement for us writers to keep going, for what we were made to do and create to share, plus they have a wonderful newsletter to subscribe to and conference opportunities. I always have great take-aways from their information. Seriously, connect with their writing opportunities, you won't be disappointed. Grammar Girl has great tips for writing...all sorts, and I've jumped to her site many times for good industry reads because she covers a plethora of topics. Head to her site, she's honest, and her tips are to the point and filled with credible knowledge. Next, Book Bub...if you're writing, want to write, love books, love to read...or just want to see what they offer, I truly encourage you to head here. I've been getting a bunch of great book reads and recommendations, as well as this site is where, you as an author, should get your works connected.

The next connection, was pivotal for me a few years ago, and that is the She Speaks conference coordinated by the Proverbs 31 team. It was Amazing! I made the connections here that I had no idea would lead me to publishing my books. This opportunity was a divine appointment in the form of this powerful writing conference! I learned a TON! I am forever grateful for being connected to this conference, and the truly wonderful friendships along with industry connections, I have made from it. They have powerful writing and speaking workshops as well as continue to share on-line workshops, like Compel Training, and other opportunities to get connected.

These are just a few that have been placed on my heart and in my path as I've been blessed to continue my adventures on my writing journey. I just wanted to share, and hope you find similar amazing opportunities through these sites, as I have. I am always up for more ideas to stay connected in our writing world, so please email me if you have opportunities you'd like to share. Thanks for being a part of the writing flock and keep writing your way to the wonderful adventures the 'publishing pond' has to offer.

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