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Big Horns' Adventure

So I'd been thinking about this race for months, probably even longer, since the seed was planted in my head as I watched several of my dear friends cross the finish line a couple years back. A couple months prior I had just walked my first 5K, and I truly did it on a whim and for something fun to do with my friends. Truth be told, I loved it. I loved our time together, but there was a little ember that lit brighter upon that little run. However, I never thought in a zillion years that I would register and go toward attempting this in what they call 'an epic endurance mountain adventure across a 18 mile technical trail'. I had sat on the banks of the creek in Dayton, Wyoming on a blistering hot summer day, and watched my friends blaze through. I walked a 5K for the first time recently, and I remember thinking, "I could never do this." It was joyous to watch my friends completion was to be celebrated, and the journey was their win. It was amazing and inspiring. Fast forward three years later, I began to set some walking/running goals, and found how these races motivated me through the week and gave myself a little self competition on my timing, which races I ran a little more on and added a few into the mix. Last year I put a goal on myself to run a 10K, at some point during the running season. Well with doing very minimal training, my first run of the season was a 10K...laughable that I just jumped on it, but I thought ah...what the hay, and did it. Turns out it was with a decent time, no medical emergencies, and it felt so amazing to run across that finish line. Some of the reasons why I signed up for the Big Horns Trail Run is'll be an adventure, and I like to push myself out of my comfort zone. I also love the mountains, and I have some awesome friends who have jumped in along side me...and I couldn't be more appreciative of the support and encouragement in taking on this challenge with me. So here's the start of a journey, adventure and the blessings the good Lord with share along the way. See you on the gravel roads less trailed....

Photos above are credited to the Big Horn Trail Run, except for my early morning photo shoot.

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