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Biscuit Donuts

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Super fun, super inexpensive and super fast is the recipe for making canned biscuit donuts. My mom made these for us as kids, and I just started trying to make these more often with our children. All you need is a can of biscuits, a lid from a pop bottle, a splash of oil and sprinkles...everything is better with sprinkles! The bigger and fluffier the biscuits, the bigger and fluffier the donuts will be, but any canned biscuits are good. These can be a very inexpensive and fun breakfast treat, and can be doubled or tripled very easily. Here's how the joy begins...


1 or 2 Cans of biscuits

1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil

Cinnamon and Sugar, mixed together

Powdered Sugar

Chocolate Chips


Pop-lid, of some sort

Use the pop lid to push a hole through the center of the biscuit creating a donut hole and leaving the hollowed ring of the biscuit. Heat about a 1/2 cup of oil in a Dutch oven pan and let it heat up until there's tiny bubbles lifting to the top of the oil. Carefully drop the donut holes in the oil and let the cook until golden brown, and flip to the other side once it looks ready. These cook fast...super fast! Remove with a slotted metal spoon or spatula and place on a paper towel covered plate to soak up in excess oil. Add the remaining donut/biscuits in and do the same thing. While these little gems are cooking, mix a small bowl of cinnamon and sugar together and have another available with powdered sugar. Once the donuts have momentarily cooled, drop these in either the cinnamon and sugar or the powdered sugar, and coat evenly. Then remove to another plate for serving. My kiddos LOVE chocolate covered biscuit I take about a hand full of chocolate chips and melt them in the microwavable save dish with a splash of oil in the microwave. Less time is more, and in several increments, until the chocolate is smooth to stir. Next we dip the donut holes in the chocolate, and top with sprinkles of your choice. Have fun, enjoy and share the joy of making these with a friend or family member!

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