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Blessings Flow

Ever taken a moment to look around and count your blessings? Like really, not just the count your blessing of all the wonderful things you have, but to take the moment to evaluate it on a blessings level? In this moment, I was flooded with the note of blessings and gratitude. We were walking together on a beautiful spring evening when the sun was going down, nature was singing and the sky was a complete painted canvas of a beautiful array of colors that couldn't have been man-made no matter the creative art medium assortment. Nature's harmony was unforgettable and the love in my heart overflowed as I watched our daughter leap with joy from hay bale to hay bale. We were together, we are healthy, we have clean air, and beautiful big sky's to dance beneath, and the list could go on. This was in just one-moment, just one single moment. Imagine if we took another moment to look at these times with deep reflective perspectives and see the good Lord's point of view. I believe it would be staggering. The blessings heap and bubble over and flow, over, and over, and over in just one single moment, and move to the next, and the next. It's hard to imagine, but it's with gratitude I grabbed these blessings. From this moment and reflecting on a different point of view, I can and hope to be much more intentional in saying thank you and really 'seeing wholy' the blessings of each moment as they flow.

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