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Blogging Delinquent returns with a Christmas tale

Well it's been over three months since I plopped something upon my blog...hence the blogging delinquent title.  I'll blame it on the holiday season-not my procrastination. But thankfully in my untimely scribing a good friend showed me some extra features for my blog, and I have a slew of more things to write about-then post to the schedule.  Yeah for automated push buttons function's like that.  So..I'll rewind to Christmas and begin with a highlight that will go down in baby books and are etched in to memories of the masses...literally.

Christmas Eve-Does this little ham look like she'd single handedly change the course of the entire Christmas Eve service?  Weeeell...she did.  My daughter with one simple jerk-pulled the main electrical cord out of the wall which supplied 'juice' to ALL the bells and whistles for the Christmas eve service. Right in the middle of the sermon, with a packed house, all the amplifiers, electric everything POPPED, ZAPPED and BOOMED as they lost ALL the audio and video elements to the service. It was a true Rock star mom moment. We were the delinquents sitting in the back of the church, so no one saw but everyone jumped up to fix it. I was mortified, but laughing so hard I was crying. I held her in front of my face trying to hide my roller coaster of emotion.  I couldn't believe she yanked the black cord with such little effort and it pulled out of the wall...THEN... there went the entire thing. Just like that...POP!  It happened so fast I couldn't do anything about it. People were scrambling.  Our poor Pastor was scrambling for what he had planned.  Thankfully, they got the sound and visual PowerPoint up for the very last song.  At least they were Christmas carols, most folks know those, and if you don't you can lip sync easy enough.  But more thankfully when I told our Pastor he laughed, whew!  At first it was a nervous laugh, like "Really?" but he is a gracious man and saw it was a true accident.   I do suppose when it comes right down to it, just another lesson that someone else is in charge.  And He gave our Pastor the words, as well as composure, to deliver a inspirational Christmas message.  I know I'll never forget it.

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