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Snow, wind, drifts + more snow, 50 mph gusts, bigger drifts = up to this year's Montana winter.  While it's created a plowing nightmare for my husband, many stranded mornings for my boys getting to school, and a quality hike with my daughter and car seat, it has had some up's-literally-due to the snow drifts building 'up'.

It's a playground for kids.  My boys are constantly outside, when the wind isn't blowing them towards Canada, sledding, snowboarding or making snow caves.  One of my favorite scenes with the boys was of them using a metal snow shovel as their sled.  It got creative towards the end of the run especially when the stop was pretty abrupt, but they had big beaming smiles on their faces.  And my most favorite scene with our animals has been, when our pup, Bess, was running to the house.  The boys built a snow cave, with tunnels along the side and up top.  Well, the pup didn't see the 'up top' tunnel. 

Bess raced towards the house.  Her eyes were wide with the excitement.  She was finally being let inside on the blustery winter day. While scaling the great drift she leaped.  Her corgi legs spread out like super-dog soaring through the air.  But her bound didn't quite get her over the drift.  She did get a surprise.  "Thump" down she went into the tunnel.  One minute there, next minute gone.  Little Bess appeared confused as she ambled out of the tunnel.  She looked both ways before she exited.  Then went about her merry way to the door.  But I'll not forget her wide eyes in sheer surprise as she dropped into the snowy cave.

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