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Faith-Full Friend

My morning walk was filled with moment after moment of 'awe'. The mountains were a fabulously rich purple, blue, pink, the sun was peaking over the east and the pastures were full of morning highlights dancing across what sometimes looks like spindly brush, but this morning it was lush and the freshness of morning filled my every view. Most every morning I get to walk with a good friend, until the time changed it often was dark, dark, double dark. Last week, I caught myself being disoriented in the dark and was going to keep on walking right-into-the ditch if she hadn't shielded and guided our turn. I really would have blindly kept going, probably landed face first and spitting gravel. Thankfully my friend was there. It made me think of how many times the good Lord has equipped my soul with just what he wanted to share with me through the blessings of Faith filled-friends being there-present, active and intentional in their actions. I am blessed to have so many dear friends that surround me with like minded hearts that they've saved me from own self-doings, like the ditch 'literally and figuratively', been there for 30 years, recently met at a conference, or have been a consistent source on a like minded journey that I get to see day in and day out. As I walked this morning, my cup was filled as I talked to the Lord about the grandeur of His morning masterpiece. There are many times when I walk I ask to hear Him clearly so I know His will and I know it's Him. He talks sometimes because many an answer, confirmation, insight, an in-depth conversation, reflection or divine moment comes through the voice or an unsuspected moment with one of my Faith-filled friends. Because He works through them, to tweak His masterpiece in me so I, too, can be a Faith-filled friend to a Faith-filled friend who may need shielded from tumbling into the proverbial ditch-good or bad, but aligned with the heart and hearing of Him.

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