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Flying insect management

Forget the sprays, the fly swatter, the sticky paper or the bug zappers.  I have found the ultimate way to kill flies humanely.  Hold's uncoventional.

With the New Year I've decided I need to try my Zumba game on our Wii.  Not as a New Year's resolution, because those simply don't work for me.  But as a highly recommended suggestion from myself to myself.  Hence, here comes my confession.  There is absolutely NO need for any sprays, swatters, sticky paper or zappers...the flies barrel off the walls dying of laughter as they watch me attempt my highly recommended suggestion to myself.  So they die happy and in giant's awesome.  Well, not for the fly.  And thankfully the fly on the wall can't talk from all my vast entimology knowledge.

Zumba has to be one of the most hilarious attempts at exercise I have ever done.  I have a girlfried who loves it.  She's tried for years to get me to go to the gym and take a class.  Weeellll...there is absolutely, positiviely, NO way I will ever do Zumba in front of anyone besides my 20 month old daughter.  And that will only be until she starts talking in full sentences, and can tell me how embarrassed I should be at myself. 

I've had four children, so doing the Samba, samba, cha-cha-cha doesn't look right, at all.  Let me reiterate that note...not at all a good visual.  There are pieces and parts of me that literally go the opposite direction they're supposed to as well as there are parts still moving from the suggested 'dance' move three steps back.  Paints a pretty picture, don't it now. It's Awesome!  I'm being sarcastic.  I mean it is, not really, but kind of.  Clear as mud-huh?

I admit it is fun, and a great exercise.  And if you can't laugh out-loud at yourself, then who else should it be...that's a fact.  The greater part of it is sweeping up the dead flies.  At least they had their last laugh about it all, and I burned a few calories.

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