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Go, Go...Gettin' it Done

My God-mother posted & shared this one Facebook yesterday, and I wanted to share it a few extra ideas.  This looks like an incredible way to organize household chores & 'to-do' lists.  Thanks Bakerette!  She has lots of cool stuff on her site, too.

Other ideas I have are:

1.  ALL YOU-At least two Friday's & Sunday's a month on the FREE days, carve out an hour or so to work on 'your' projects like; scrap booking, crafts, hobbies, a special hike, or anything you LOVE to do!  Make the time for yourself.

2.  MONTH Up & Comings-First Friday of the month-glance ahead on your calendar for any birthdays, celebrations or events you have upcoming for the month.  Write out your list of ingredients, plans, or 'to-get's.  If you're mailing cards, take a moment to sit down & write your correspondence, address, & put a stamp on so it's ready to go. (November is a great time for Get-It- Done Friday's.  Work on Christmas plans, gifts, cards, or other items to make,  wrap & get ready to send snail mail if that's your choice.) 3.  DIY days-At least two Friday's, Saturday's or Sunday's a month plan for one of your household projects to get done.  If you've wanted to paint a room-take the time on one of those days, seen some neat ideas on Pinterest-try you're hand at it or any other DIY project.  You'll have a WHOLE new home or space to enjoy & be proud you got it done!

4.  RECRUIT-If you have children, recruit them to help do these chores on some of these days. They can take out the garbage, dust, clean toilets, put away their laundry-gauge it for their age (big & little) but there's plenty of ways to work together as a family team!

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