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Guiding Light

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

"What are you going to be for Halloween?" "I can't wait to get SO much candy!" This is what my kids have been saying for the past week. On the way to school last week, my older boys asked me about how Halloween was started. I told them what I knew and shared my opinion. Then I went to my daughter's preschool Halloween party, filled with cute costumes, fun games to win candy, sing-songs, and sweet construction paper crafts and artwork. Nothing 'scary'. I told all my children that on this day they can be a Light for Jesus. Truth be told the cute parts of 'preschool' Halloween are meant to be a day to dress up, have fun, play games and eats lots of candy, but with my older boys I want them to know that everyday we rage a battle in the spiritual realm against evil. As Christians we can be Guiding Lights for the Lord. Arm our selves with the Armor of God to equip ourselves in the battle especially on this day. Halloween has progressed, in my perspective, to a completely different level of 'scary' and opens our kids up to being more vulnerable, susceptible, and not only spiritually but physically visible and tangible to darkness. Real darkness. But...there's always a But...even though there's a battle going on, the battle has been won. God is Victorious and has FULL authority-Matthew 28:18. On this candy filled day, let's share our true Guiding Light-God, and shine His brightness so His light illuminates, BLASTING, out all darkness for our kids, grandkids, friends and community seen and unseen.

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