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Ham Near Death Experience

No, a ham wasn't used as a unintended weapon, but it was almost the source of my sweet Calamity's demise. I shared a video about what I've learned the hard way, and this instance when my loyal friend getting into the trash to enjoy leftover ham and its hambone, almost killed her. I didn't realize ham was so detrimental to dogs. While there are some dogs who have predisposed traits leading to pancreatitis, the best tip I can recommend for this Easter season or any, from my experience, is just don't feed your pooch ham, hambones, sausages, foods high in fat or in general- try not to feed human foods to your four-legged friends. When we took Calamity to the vet she had been vomiting and had extreme lethargy. She was immediately placed on I.V. antibiotics and fluids, and then stayed for almost a week fighting her pancreatitis. She did come out of it, and joined our family four more years on many more adventures, but it is forever etched in my being to not feed our critters ham or ham bones-ever. I've attached a few helpful links sharing information on pancreatitis, what foods not to feed your furry friends, and a couple other sources I found helpful. These aren't endorsed resources, simply credible sources with reads I found applicable. Happy Easter season to your families, critters and all.


Human food mostly okay to feed dogs and cats (PLEASE-know your animal, some of these foods might not be recommended for your critters due to age, species, breed, allergies, etc.)

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