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To say I'm honored and grateful is an understatement! I was thrilled to receive the Best Indie Book Award for Best Christian Children's Picture book of 2019! This international literary award is such a praise to the blessings of the good Lord, and to my publisher and illustrator for all their amazing and hard work! I penned Kind Soup on a piece of notebook paper on my floor after praying the Fruits of the Spirit over a situation. As I prayed I was thinking about how could I possibly help continue to carry this virtue filled scripture out to the world, and this is when snippets of the story began to flood my thoughts and fill my paper. From the scrolls of words and verses blending together, to the story building, the beautiful illustrations and the book coming into fruition...and then holding in my hands and reading it to my daughter and sons is truly all a gift from the good Lord and all to his glory. I am thrilled to be a part of this industry, receiving this award and sharing these messages to children beyond who I may ever know, but my prayer is that it's plants a seed and kindness is shared everyday and in e very way.

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