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Just a Scrappin'

The art of scrapbooking truly is an art.  I have a few friends who cut, crop and tape their photos into amazing books, then I have friends who do the most beautiful, awe inspiring works of art with digital scrapbooking, and then I have friends who have awesome tubs full of 'scrapbooking somedays'.  I happen to be one who attempts, kind of, all of them.  My goal is getting caught up on my digital scrapbooks, and off load the paper into something-time to eliminate the trusty tubs.  I'm only six years behind on photos and keepsakes, but who's counting. 

I love the digital realm.  It gives me a ton more freedom to create.  I'm a quotable quote nut.  So I love to find inspiring and fun quotes for to document my children's youth and our family.  I also enjoy the fact of scanning artwork and memorabilia so they can go into the books as well-and multiple books.  This is only a couple reasons why I love digital scrappin'.

The physical books I've made are extremely generic.  I have the paper from preschool to 12th grade that I'm filling only a couple pages for each with school, team and other extracurricular photos.  But I'm trying not to over do it, because I have so much room to work in the digital scrapbook world.  

 The next thing about scrapbooking as anyone will say is 'time'.  That's been my excuse, well for 11 years now.  But again with digital I can create ten pages in the time it would take me to make two.  And I can duplicate these books tailored for each child, event, or whatever needs may be.  Which is a GREAT option!  But back to time....a girlfriend and I committed to one day a week last year.  We choose Thursday, and we've stuck to it-minus summer , however.  During the winter is an ample time to crunch out not only some pages but books.  This has been an immense check off my 'mommy guilt' to do list.  Not only the 'mommy guilt' but just some 'me' creative time.  Two hours goes a loooong way for my sanity, or lack there of.  Even if I'm only able to meet for that amount of time, I've been able to get mass pages done.  I've already finished one book this year, started inputting 2014 and going back through choosing my photos for 2013.  My friend and I switch houses, every other week, and make it super easy.  She's a whiz at the digital and an amazing designer.  So it's also great to learn more efficient and creative means to crafting these books.

Moral of my story is in reverse...take a couple hours for yourself to be creative.  Scrapbooking digitally is my idea of the absolute way to go now-a-days.  And have some fun with all those precious memories you made in pictures.  For digital products check out my friend Gina's blog at Back Road Scrappin.

Happy Scrappin'!

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