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Laser school day

Our youngest son is just at the age where he's in preschool but counting the days until Kindergarten.  He does love his preschool and friends.  However, he is really ready to go to the 'big' school like his brothers.  So on this fine Monday morning I call and call him to get ready.  When I go in search for our little man I find no 'small fry' in sight.  "Hum...where did he go?" I said.  And it was then I saw the end of the pretend 'laser' gun sticking out from under the bed.  "I'm NOT going to school today!" he declared and began firing his pretend laser gun with it's 'amazingly obnocious' laser gun sound.  "Pew...Pew...Pew!" It sounded.  "I'm not coming out!" he said.  Well who can argue with a five year old armed with a pretend laser gun holding up under his bed, not I.  So I left him with the end of the pretend gun still showing it's face from beneath his bed. "Eh-he'll come out when he's hungry," I thought.  It wasn't five minutes later  his tummy and ears got the best of him when he heard his bagel was ready.  He'd come out from his hide out, put down his pretend laser gun, and now was armed with a bagel covered in strawberry cream cheese.  Looked like getting ready for school was in the near future after all.

I will not go to school today

I will not go to school I say I want to stay home and play No way, No way I will not go to school, I say

You will go to school today You will go to school I say You will not stay home and play Yes way, Yes way You will go to school today

I will go to school today

Because that is what the mama say Yes I will I say, I say Yes I will I say and I will play

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