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M & M's to the rescue

We had a world-wind trip to Yakima, Washington this weekend for a very meaningful Family Reunion.  It was lots of fun to see, meet and put faces and names together on my husband's paternal side of the family.  It was, however, a creative trip with four children in the car for a full 24 hours (round trip).  On the way there we borrowed a friends Mi-Fi jet pack.  Thanks to the GOOD Lord!  So it allowed the boys to watch Net Flix on their I-Pads and play games.  Our littlest one was done with our trip on about hour 6.5.  So a little screaming occurred, but we got through it.  We just had to turn up the 80's hair band rock and roll I downloaded on my I-pod, and put the pedal down.  I actually had to hold on to the little handles by the window and duck behind my sunglasses to survive my husband's road rage and speedy driving...but that's a whole other story.

Our trip home was a tad different.  I realized my error in  re-charging some of our techo gadgets-about 2.5 seconds into my husband accelerating onto the highway.  Even though I had spent a small fortune on all the various 12 volt adapters, converters, and plug-in galore, there's always something missing.  I have yet to figure out what that 'missing' thing was to make everything function properly, but most importantly it's what I did find-a packet of M & M's.  The boys had a great opportunity to count trees-my idea (they finally rounded up to several million), semi's and look at nature when their 2% charged techno gadgets failed them, but it wasn't as easy for our one year old.  Hence out comes the M & M's.

It's amazing how two small bags of chocolate filled bliss can instanteously stop screaming, creates great entertainment even fills the gaps in a hungry tummy.  What more could you ask for?  Therefore I made those two bags last 12 hours.  Needless to say she was amped up on sugar until about midnight the night we arrived home, but eh-it worked for the car.  M & M's to the rescue!

I have to be honest.  It's not the first time M & M's have come to my rescue.  One blustery winter day in December of 2006 I had a two and a half and one year old.  While desperately trying to wrap Christmas gifts and get them in the mail, my little guys were just simply bored and into everything.  I was finally to my whits end.  I was getting nothing accomplished and had been rolling like that for days.  And then I saw it...the brown bag illuminated itself on our rough-sawn log table my husband made.  It glistened as an answer to prayer....M & M's!

In slow motion I ripped a small opening in the bag's corner.  Walked over to the center of our cozy living room and pulled the bag's corner with vigor! Plop..plop..plop...sploosh! All the  M & M's, of a three pound bag, cascaded to the floor.  Perfect!  "Here you go boys," I called.  "Have fun!"  They dove on them like ants on a picnic.  Their cheeks looked like squirrels packing acorns in for the winter. Their eyes were large and round watching my every move-wondering when I might change my mind on the whole thing.  But I had no intention to, it was 20 minutes of solid entertainment for them and I got Christmas 'to do's' 'to done'!  When I've mentioned this story to some folks their eyes get big and ask if the boys got sick.  Unfortunately at the time, I never even thought of them becoming ill.  I was totally in my momentary trance of complete self gratification in actually getting something accomplished .  Horrible I know, but honest.  They didn't get sick, just for the record.  M & M's to the rescue!

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