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Math...Science...History...Oh my!

Did you know with any recipe there's great activities to incorporate a mini-lesson in math, science, reading, and language arts? As we've moved into on-line learning across the world, I wanted to share some quick ideas from my cookbook, The Big Sky Bounty Cookbook-Local Ingredients and Rustic Recipes. I frequently use my cookbook, so our kids are used to be pulling it out to make a yummy 'something' from its pages. Since it is packed with Montana History, there's quick informational reads that could be incorporated into a history or even a language arts lesson. History of the resource could be investigated further, and there's an opportunity for writing prompts, as well as identification of topic sentences, grammar and bibliography, etc. For math, it's easy to double and triple recipes and it is all noted in fractional portions, and ideas for shopping and budgeting for the ingredients can also be added for math and life skills lessons. For science its full of the natural resources. Anatomy, biology, and environments can be lessons in themselves. We have a substitution conversion chart in the back as a supplement. This is also great chemistry lesson on how the compounds and combinations of ingredients work together. While these are ideas from my cookbook, you can grab any cookbook and create very similar lessons, as well as add a creative and tasty spin to learning.

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