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On the road with a feathered friend

I noticed him perched on the cattle chute at the end of our gravel road. As he lifted into the air, his wings spread majestically and pulled him higher and higher into the big blue sky air. I was on a mission to walk/run as far as I could that afternoon, was listening to an audible book, and along the way saying prayers of gratitude for the beautiful day and all it's blessings that surrounded me. I spotted him on the top of a power line along my next stretch of the road. I kept going. He was in front of me or beside me the entire way. On my last stretch home, there he was sitting atop a fence post. He sat quietly, watching, as I came closer and closer. He didn't move. I came close enough to get a video, and he was a beautiful brown and white flecked hawk. He watched us, my corgi and I, closely and finally spread his wings and lifted off of the fence post and into the air, slowly, effortless but with spectacular strength, grace and distinction of who he and what he is. All I could think of was the good Lord sent a friend to walk/run with us as a symbol of him always being by our side, taking flight with our goals and adventures and watching over us from high above an at eye level. He's grace, majesty and distinct being is evident in the many blessings and symbols that often surround us, even when we least expect it.

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