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Procrastinate Later

Procrastination the sum of B.U.S.Y

I've been looking daily on the last day I posted anything. Daily turned into weekly, then into monthly because I originally 'just' got uber busy with the end of the school year aka: the second busiest month of the year besides December when you have elementary kids, and then I procrastinated one more day of posting something which turned into more weeks of further procrastination, then I felt guilty for not getting it done like I promised myself and the Big Man upstairs, then I got more overwhelmed with other deadlines, work, kids, critters, summer, then I didn't feel worthy to write or post anything, then I procrastinated even more on what I should write because now I've procrastinated so long and really feel like my writing would be mythical fiction at best...and now I have a huge run on, running on sentence about pretty much what ends up happening with procrastination-nothing! Had I just sat down and done it when I was prompted to, I would not have a run on sentence or the weight that comes with the procrastination. Key in that sentence was...when I was prompted to. Oh, yes, He knocked the coconuts around upstairs in the ol' noggin and said do this. God truly placed writing this on my heart at about Christmas, the seeded thoughts and words flowed easily across the keyboard to the screen, and then I got B.U.S.Y. Yep...have you heard that acronmyn? I don't even like writing it out but it stands for Being Under Satan's Yoke. A friend shared that with me year's ago, and just the heaviness in its symbolism weighs heavy around my neck. Ugh...I just want to shake it off, but in reality that's what happens quickly. All of our lives are busy to a certain extent but when we become so weighted down by the 'busyness' that we end up procrastinating the calling the Good Lord is blessing before us, is when the yoke gets heavier. For me, I reached the point I'm just plowing the rows with my head in the dirt and the 'busy' yoke is carving the path before me, until I am writing this now. The Lord doesn't want my busyness to carve my path, or the burden of procrastination's guilt to trudge me into what He's asking. His yoke is easy and light. His blessings are uplifting, unyielding, and unburdensome. His calling is waiting for us, walking with us, and standing firm in His light. So as your days become consumed with 'to do' lists, the extras begin to 'add in', the procrastination becomes an extra sticky note on the bathroom mirror, and the weight becomes heavier and heavier, maybe self check who's yoke you have around your neck because ordering yours with God will lighten your load and fulfill where He's calling you... towards Him.

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