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Pushing Publishing

I recently posted on my February e-newsletter about my excitement for Kind Soup's, my next children's picture, rescheduled release in September! I couldn't be more thrilled! Yes, your eyes weren't playing tricks on you. I was posting through social media and previous e-mails about its upcoming release at the end of January, but the publishing industry is just industry. There are a considerable amount of steps in the process of publishing any book, and especially with a picture book the additional step of illustration is significant. All the praise to my publisher of Kind Soup, Little Lamb Books, because they are directly in-line and strategically working with multiple business layers of the book industry. With their professional expertise and knowledge the released was changed to do the best by the book, and produce it in it's best possible form. Pushing publishing, when even a few minimal things aren't lining up, leads to mistakes, possible missed opportunities, and elements that could have been there, possibly even changed the course of the book or view for the reader, if it had been given a little more time. As the author, I'm very grateful for my publisher's expertise, and knowing when to say when, so it's the best it can be. Kind Soup is available for pre-order, and when ordered will arrive upon its release in September. Until then, I'm going to have some fun giveaways and downloadables to accompany each virtue I'm focusing on for the months coming, in anticipatory celebration of Kind Soup's release.

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