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Say what and where'd it go?

I'm on my second week of diligently working toward my goal for running/walking/hiking the Big Horn Trail Run in June. I've been insuring I'm stepping my treadmill's incline to it's highest level and upping my speed, lifting weights, and any time the weather has permitted I'm getting out on the gravel roads, mountain trails and snowy/ice covered Montana streets. I knew somewhere along the line a few things would pop up that would catch me by surprise, beside the animals that I'm literally walking and running into and with along my journey. This is so simple but very defining. I went out the other morning at about 4:45am to get on the treadmill and start my work out, which took me about 10 minutes into it to wake up, but at about 25 minutes into my workout I realized I hadn't had any coffee. I LOVE my morning coffee! I mean REALLY LOVE it, and my coffee pot was actually what woke me up as it 'beeped' it's alert to me that it was finished brewing. I hadn't even given my coffee a second thought, and was dumbfounded when I realized I hadn't or had a drop of morning coffee before plodding out into the -10 weather and wind to get moving. It made me laugh, fully. And....the other thing I realized was I hadn't once thought of my goals for the run related to weight loss. I've always been consumed with the weight I needed to loose, but for this goal, I hadn't thought of it once, not even once. I was blown away with this realization. I know I have to be strong, healthy and have the stamina to get through it, and I want that for myself, to a better version of myself, and hope to show, to my children, that over time, with practice and preparation, goals can be achieved.

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