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Walk in the dark

It was dark, really dark, and it was supposed to be close to a full moon. It however was hiding behind the clouds. I had to get out for a walk/run after we got home from a busy day, and the weather was still decent enough to trek out, it was windy but not so bad I couldn't go on a walk/run. Two of my corgi's went with me, and it was so dark that as soon as they got about 20 feet out in front or behind me, I couldn't see them at all and I was worried they could quickly become a speed bump. So I rigged a headlamp around my pony tail to have a little something blinking just in case a car came by, and in case I needed something to find my two dogs. About half way into my run, I realized I couldn't see where I was going, but knew they way, and metaphorically, it connected with me. I've traveled this gravel road hundreds of time, on foot, mostly in the light, and never this dark, but because I knew the way I felt confident even though I could't see where I was going. I knew I could trust the path laid in front of me, and its very similar to trusting the path the good Lord has in front of you. Often you can't see where you're going, but if faith we walk knowing the way is there, paved before us, and to trust the good Lord is leading us we can't see the way through the dark.

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