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Walking-ish, Running-ish...Keep on Going-ish

Since we've been homebound, my walking-running schedule has been 'off', but consistent. Even though I haven't been posting as regularly about my journey toward preparing for my goal of the Big Horn Trail run in June, my commitment is still there and my hope is the run is canceled. But if it is, a group of us are dedicated to the adventure and already have a plan if it is canceled. What I could never have predicted when I signed up was this changes in our spring due to Covid. I also could never have anticipated how beneficial the routine starting out for everyday determination and goals would be so crucial to my now everyday 'must' for getting outside or on my treadmill. Setting out this burst of crazy, enthusiasm on my part, has truly been a solace as we've transitioned into home-'working' and homeschooling. I've found this daily time to listen to many books on audible, pray, try to take in every moment of nature from the sunrises, sunsets, birds singing, wind blowing, grasses swaying, snow glistening, blue sky beaming, stars twinkling and our children joining me for one-on-one time together. The routine created not just a have to do so I could make it through the run, but a deeper more fulfilling 'want to do' each day and really spending intentional moments for myself. I get to be a part of so much on my walks. I gaze around my horizons and am awe struck, even on my treadmill. My mind dances with creative ideas and I try to breathe in every word I listen too, sound I hear, and moment with God to fill me. Walking-ish-running-ish and keep-on going-ish has taken on a whole new meaning, purpose and soul love. I couldn't be more thankful for the promptings to sign-up for this adventure. I felt like it was daunting at first, and had no idea how I would be physically, mentally and emotionally equipped enough to even start. But now is it all consuming joy, because of the Lord's prompts a few short months ago, he is equipping me in far more than continuing to be prepared for the race I signed up for, but the one He has signed up for me. Just goes to say, you never know how the good Lord is going to spark those embers nudges into a necessary flame to light, warm and fuel your everyday.

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