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What's for Dinner?!

The classic nightly question,  What's for Dinner?  My forehead crinkles in pain as I rack my brain for what to do, what's new, what's healthy, and what to thaw?  It often ends up being the fool-proof tacos.  But alas, we can't have that everynight, so I pulled out my cookbooks, went to Pinterest for some of those new fangled fun recipes I've seen and drummed up some weekly menu plans for dinner.  I've done this on and off throughout raising kidos, and once I start this regimin again I wonder why I don't conistently stick with it, because IT IS SO HELPFUL!

Not only on the evening planning side, but budget side.  I'm not guessing what I need at the store to round everything out.  I know what I'm going to need.  I also try to look even further than just this week, and see how I can use like ingredients for future meals or even some substitions in recipes.  That way I don't open some fancy sauce to use a teaspoon and then it sits in my fridge creating it's own being.  This has 'saved my bacon' and pulled in my pocket book budget.  I started this again the first of January, and I have four months of menus to share-so far.  I'll work on more.  The 15 minutes of brain damage reduction for me has gone to more attentive helping with homework, reading outloud or listening to kidos day's.  In the long run, the deeper side to this planning tool benefits little and big hearts as well.

I don't have it on this month's calendar, but freezer meals are huge too.  Or just double some of your recipes this month, and toss them into a freezer bag for next month when a 'surprise' busy evening presents itself.  I really like the Six Sisters Stuff site.  They have some great recipes, menu plans, and loads of other helpful resources.

Here's my February Menu Plan (my apologies it's an image below, and I need to figure out how to upload a pdf to this blog)! Wishing you a helpful, healthy and happy dinner!

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