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What's your Why?

As I've begun training for my Big Horn trail adventure, I've also started video blogging when I'm working towards my goal. It could be a quick walk around the gym, a walk/run down a gravel road, a run through town, a snowshoe excursion or any other ideas that drum through my thoughts to try to help me prepare. One of my why's is for to try to get my body strong and have the stamina for the 18 mile, 10,500 feet above sea level endurance trail race. This is huge for me to keep going, and to help me be accountable to myself is to video what I'm doing consistently, because I believe consistently and growth in the miles I go, the inclines I push myself to, and the weights I begin to use, I pray it will help my ability to finish as well as keep my body safe as it gets stronger. My other why's are for my children and friends who are watching my video blogs. If I by some chance inspire and motivate them to get out and try something new, push beyond their comfort zones, and know that you're never too old or young to try something new and set goals to do it. It's super important for me to share that I truly thought I would and could never do a race like this, not only because I hadn't gotten out and done something even close to it, but I'm also asthmatic...I have to train my lung muscles for this, and it's something that never seemed attainable before my mental switch of can-do's and my love for adventure. I've always pushed myself, and I hope I continue...that's my why to you, reading, as well. Never give up on your dreams to make them goals and milestone that fill the pages and chapters of your life's story.

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