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Why does the turkey cross the road?

If you're driving in Red Lodge you're sure to see two predominant species of wild game just about everywhere...the wild turkey's and deer.  The turkey's have been somewhat a cause for deep discussion in and around town..."what to do, what to do about these turkeys?" Not to make light, I'm sure it's bothersome to some folks in town.  We live out of town, and personally love to see those turkey-lurkey's cruising through town, often stopping traffic-well our kind of traffic since we don't have any stop lights, and hunkered together making their prized turkey calls.  However it was called to my attention the other day about Montana's new road kill permits.  Yes, here you can legally take possession of road kill with permits.  Ha-dinner just got much simpler...especially Thanksgiving dinner, wild turkey anyone?

But as I type this, I have to disclose from my interpretation of what Fish, Wildlife and Parks allows of these permits it doesn't look like turkeys are actually deemed 'true' roadkill.  One article I found said only deer, moose, antelope and elk are 'true' roadkill available for these salvage permits.  Here's the link:  FWP serves up roadkill permits.

So, why did the turkey cross the road?  To lead the deer across the road, of course.

Roadkill for dinner..going once, going twice....grab your shovel.

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