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Writing for Children

Over the weekend I was excited to attend the fall conference for Montana's chapter of SCBWI-Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.  What an AmAzInG Conference!  I loved every moment!  Met some great folks as well as visited with other's I hadn't seen since I attended previously (5 1/2 years ago).  However I do have to confess I felt overwhelmed, defeated yet inspired and elated with the weekend.  Which means, again, it was amazing-just what the brain needed. 

Not only were the presenters a wealth of knowledge, but they also all sparked and encouraged the value of writing for children-be it board books to YA.  It was great to absorb their roles, jobs, depth on projects and perspectives as a whole.  We did a writing exercise, that I think sparked a solid novel in me.  I've been whittling on one, but I see it all together with this one-YEAH!  And it's completely different from my new draftings for stay tuned for Life on the Ranch with Banjo's upcoming project news.

My two hour trip home from Bozeman seemed to be a blink since I had so many story ideas rolling through my mind.  I wish I had a converter for how fast my brain dialogues to correspond with my typing hand, and it would flow onto paper-eh, maybe someday.  But until then, I'll keep the sparks-a-flying from mighty pen to paper as fast my little freckled fingers can type.

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