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Ziploc Omelets

So this is an awesome way to make omelets for those of us who make 'egg-stra' special disasters when attempting to make omelets in their traditional form.

1.Just grab a Ziploc bag. Write your name on if you're making multiple.  I like to put it in a mixing bowl, just makes it easier to work with.

2.Start your pot of water boiling.

3.Toss 2 eggs into your Ziploc 4. Add a splash of milk 5. Plop in your favorite meat or veggies 6. Throw in a handful of cheese-any kind you like 7. Dash a little Salt & Pepper on top 8. Extra spices like red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper for a zzzest 9. Seal up the Ziploc 10. Squish up all the ingredients in the bag. Great for kids to mush! 11. Grab your tongs 12. Drop Ziploc bag 'carefully' in pot of boiling water with tongs 13. Let your concoction boil for about 12 minutes until the eggs don't look runny 14. Once cooked, pull out your gourmet omelet, carefully with tongs 15. Cut off the top of the Ziploc and roll the omelet onto your plate 16. Garnish with green onions, peppers or whatever you're taste buds crave


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