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Corgi Trails

It was almost cruel and unusual corgi punishment as I opened their kennel gate.  My daughter giggled with glee as she watched them, however they didn't make it far before being completely high centered.  So I broke a new path through our 'easy' 18 inches of fresh snow.  One bounded with emphasis proudly leading his pack. One acted as if she had a pogo stick connected to each paw, and boing...boing...boing she leapt through the powdery wet bliss.  And one stopped looked at me, back at the kennel, back at me and gave me her best 'ReAlLy' look.  She then lifted one paw and gently lunged ever so slightly, an almost motionless movement, into the trail I'd just cut, and sat down to seriously ponder her options. Can you guess which one is which?

In no time, we had a maze of corgi trails all over the yard.  This picture doesn't do the scene justice because it was a weird spot by the barn, but all the other trails were like little miners tunnels for our four legged friends.  I'd gaze across only to see the tips of ears cruising through their new found paths.  Every once in a while I'd go rescue our 'not so ambitious' one, and eventually she realized it was much more important to be strategically located as close as she could be to the door. As I opened the door our over joyed wee one 'had' to let her in so she could cuddle her neck. 

The trails came in useful for our chickens and cats too.  It was a single file line situation, so you can imagine how it worked with the chickens, the dogs, and a couple cats mixed in.  At one point I saw a chicken flitter, skitter, and fluff, while simultaneously releasing a 'SqWaCk!' as it went up and down, and up and down in the honey comb maze trying to evade a crazed critter in tow.  But it's all a day in the snowy life of three lil' corgis and their pals.

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