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With a transition in schedules and children at home, we aren't without plenty of antics to fuel story ideas.On the farm we have critters and kids galore, and I have a story theme running among my thoughts almost all the time. I've been jotting notes, penning streams of scenes and dialog, and day-dreaming stories through my head. Spring is also an inspiring time. There's so many 'little ones' of all kinds sprouting up, dancing across the pastures and waddling behind a feathered mama. So if you're like me, and see the story-line developing along your days, I've attached a children's story thumbnail print-out of a 32 page template by This is a great little template to pen out your scene's and dialog. A children's picture book is about 500-800 words, and often drafting this out helps me edit to my word count down. Enjoy these creative opportunities, and take time to write what you love!:)

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