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Destination B n' B

AVAILABLE:  Exclusive time share offer.  Destination resort.  Forget the bush planes, just need a helicopter or an industrial size motor grader available with a plow to bust through concrete like snow drifts.  A full winter wonderland package included in this quaint little get-a-way just north of Red Lodge.  Cozy wood burning stove, several sledding hills, snowshoeing and cross country available and recommended for entrance into this all inclusive bed and breakfast, and let's not forget the custom ice rink...made with authentic Montana farm flair of thawed then refrozen steer and sheep poop.  Dog sledding courtesy of our personal corgi dream team-known to be faster than any dogs in the Iditarod especially when chasing chickens.  Para sailing behind our 'tricked out' four wheeler makes an ultimate vacation.  In all certainty while partaking in the activity, you can also visit Canada because our East Bench wind is guaranteed to get you there.  We encourage you bring your passport.  Helmets are provided for this experience.  Mouthwatering gourmet meals are an excellent way to continue to bask in luxury-they're all in the freezer (please don't mind some of the freezer burned portions) and they'll just need to be set out overnight to thaw, and adult beverages are encouraged if  you plan on staying a while.  The howling wind and wind chill creates an environment of need for warm Cowboy comfort food and a hot totty at the end of the day.  The views of the Beartooth Mountains, Crazy Mountains and the Pryor's are breath-taking.  All of this great package for an even trade.... ANYWHERE south of the equator with no wind, snow to plow, ice to slip on, wood to haul, freezing sleet or frozen pipes!

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