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Cranberry Chicken-Freezer Meal Friday

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

As autumn centers itself into its routine, the need for having a hearty warm meal for our family is an important factor. Having options for these meals is even more it actually gets on the table. A few years ago, a couple friends and I would get together and spend a day prepping, cooking, laughing, drinking coffee, and sneaking tip-bits of our dishes upon their first appearances from the oven. Many of these dishes we also automatically brought the goods to freeze and label, so all we had to do was dump into a baking dish or crock pot and let the cooking begin. This time not only is a wonderful memory filled with friendship and fun, but it also something I sigh a huge of sigh of relief in doing. Those crazy fall nights come quick and having something ready to fill those working hard, hungry bellies is something very important for me to be able to provide for our family. Now doesn't this happen all the time, and I still have those nights that I'm warming up a slice of cheese in tortilla or we have to pull out the cereal, but it reduces those instances-that's why I wanted to share some easy recipes to double up to serve for a warm meal upon preparing, as well as prepping these ingredients for the freezer for another late night need. I also wanted to share, while you're preparing these for your family, keep in mind others friends and family who might could use a little dinner reprieve, so I'd also encourage you to make a couple extra meals to freeze and share with someone you feel could really use the blessing. I remember the first introduction to being truly blessed by meals. It was when our first son was born. It meant so much and it is truly something that I am hugely grateful for in any form, from banana bread to a full's just something that touches my heart and I know you will do the same as you share one of these meals not only with your family but someone you feel could use the blessing too.

Cranberry Chicken-Doubled recipe

12-16 Chicken Breasts

2-8oz. bottles of Russian or French Salad Dressing

2 envelopes of Dry Onion Soup mix

2-16 oz. cans of Cranberry sauce

Place chicken in the crock pot, mix the other ingredients together and spread across the chicken in layers. Cook for 6-8 hours until chicken is done, but not too dry. For a freezer meal place half of the ingredients in an aluminum pan and layer the same as you would to cook it, or you can place it all in a Ziplock gallon bag. Label with the cooking instructions and date prepared, and place in your freezer. The Insta-Pot is also a great way to create meals quickly and in bulk. Follow the safety and cooking instructions for this means of preparation, and don't forget o share...that will be one of the best parts of creating this dish. Enjoy friends!

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