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Neighborly Kindness

What are we doing this weekend is always a question asked at our household, even when we have four actively involved children in multiple sports. Many times my response is 'helping', which to them could mean a myriad of things from hauling wood to folding the overflowing baskets of socks. However, there are other ways to 'help' and serve those closest to us, not just within our own homes as chores, and this I've realized is one of the reasons for the question, 'what are we' doing, because their hearts want to do something 'more' with their time. I recently had a dear friend and neighbor give me a bundle of beautiful sunflowers. I LOVE sunflowers! It filled me with such joy by her gesture and kind thoughts, knowing these flowers are one of my favorite things. So as she shared with me I have a couple ideas about sharing simple acts of kindness to close to home...with your neighbors. There's a million to share, but start with a smile or wave and spread kindness like fall leaves wisping through the crisp autumn wind.

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