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'Spr-inter' Steps

The sun is shining, the sand hill cranes are calling and a hint of green tints our winter weathered ground.  With the hopeful arrival of 'some' spring (it will snow again and that's okay), I have to say this winter has been one of reflection, perspective and a walk in faithfulness.  For a couple months, I felt like I was looking up through the eye of a tornado-the wind whirling around me and yet I could see the beauty high above in the promise of the blue sky just beyond my reach.  In reflection all I had to do is look up and the whirling stopped when I focused on the sky above.  I'd try to quiet my noisy mind and heart of the whirlwind stirring around me in these moments, and I tried to keep my eye on an eternal perspective while still making action steps toward the many avenues the good Lord has blessedly lit the path toward.  The light is bright, always present and boldly leading but it's so easy to get quickly distracted by what's whirling around.  As I look back and see those moments, now in this season of 'Spr-inter', they are small but mighty steps on this lit path he's revealing. Sometimes these moments only presented for me to see two steps in front of me, and sometimes my view of the moment was able to see across to the horizon and its miles of perspective abounding beyond. What seemed like a moment of quick texts, a casual conversation, a routine glance, sick days, a blinking cursor on a white page, or those moments where I knew I was standing out of my moment, and looking in at it with different glasses, are the reflections that captured my heart, were answered prayers, miracles unbeknownst in the moment, discernment, and the good Lord revealing his presence in all things, at all time, and in all places-in small but mighty ways.  These blessings of reflections I'm grateful for, and most of all I'm grateful for the whirling moments as hard as, and as stuck as I felt in the whirlwind of those temporary times.  Because without them, how would I focus my attention toward the richness of the above, which was always within my reach, or be able to see with different eyes that these moments, while small and many, were mighty steps in the path of my growing relationship with the good Lord.

God may reveal moments as small steps to us, but when you reflect on your trail, they are part of a mighty path to Him.

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