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I would love to join you! I am available for schools, organizations, luncheons, camps, workshops, conferences and professional sessions.  I can create an engaging, fun, personable and professional presentation, and can share on host of topics or themes customized for your audience and presentation needs and goals.For speaking or participating as a panel speaker, I'm happy to talk about a versed number of topics tailored to your organizations wants or needs.

  • This and That Chat-Signings & Speaking

Approximately 1 hour (2 hours for set up/tear down). Theme or topic centered/focused and discussion ex: Big Sky Bounty Cookbook-signing and speaking on the creating and producing this Montana themed cookbook

  • Round Table-Signings with Presentation

Approximately 1 hour (2 hours for set up/tear down). Theme based around book(s). ex: Moose Shoes-showcase and share animal hides, track casts, and educational components dependent upon book.

  • Sky's the Limit-Signings with Speaking and Presentation

Approximately 2-3 hours (3-4 hours for set up/tear down). Theme or topic centered/focused per audience and/or specific theme based around book(s) with discussion and creative session. Tailored to your needs and wants for the presentation and audience. ex: Moose Shoes-create animal track castings, scavenger hunt (inside or out-weather dependent), painting, creative crafts (age specific). ex: Big Sky Bounty Cookbook-Food sampling with a 'rustic gourmet'-Let's make a gourmet dish and come to the table to share bits and pieces of the taste-filled delights of the cookbook together. Can be theme based specific to the wants of the tasting. Limited to select recipes and audience size. ex: Kind Soup - create the soup together, package and serve to family, friends, and community. 



If you would like to contact me regarding a book signing, presentation, or event, please send me your information on the form below. Thank you!

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